Melitta’s operating divisions
Melitta Europe – Household Products Division –

In 2012, the two operating divisions "Melitta Household Products Europe" and "Melitta Coffee Europe" formerly managed in two separate companies were brought together under the new name "Melitta Europe". The core competencies of the two units have thus been pooled under a single roof. On the one hand, Melitta is one of the leading coffee roasters on the German market, and on the other hand a successful manufacturer and innovative developer of filter papers, filter coffeemakers and fully automatic coffee machines. In this new constellation, Melitta aims to drive forward its strongest selling business field "Coffee and Tea Enjoyment" on the European market.

The products of its strategic business fields "Coffee Enjoyment" (Melitta®) and "Convenient Cleaning" (Swirl®), as well as "Tea Enjoyment" (Cilia®), are marketed via the food retail trade and specialist electrical/houseware stores.

Headquarters: Minden, Germany

European sales units in: France, Austria/Switzerland, Netherlands/Belgium, Sweden/Denmark, Russia, Czech Republic

Products: Filter papers, coffee preparation equipment and products, dust filter bags and accessories, products for garbage disposal, cleanliness in pet households, cleaning cloths, descalers, tea filters

Brands: Melitta®, Swirl®, Cilia®, Codiac®

Main sales markets: Germany, France, Austria, Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands

Main trade partners: Food retailers, specialist electrical and houseware stores, department stores, drugstores, DIY stores, furniture stores